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True Faith Healthy Eating Journal #06122022

Author: Dr. Yvonne Huggins-Mclean


Psalms 105:2 Sing to HIM, sing praises to HIM, tell of all HIS wonderful work! [Revised Standard translation]

Ephesians 5:19 Talk with each other much about the LORD, quoting psalms and hymns and singing sacred songs, making music in your hearts to the LORD. [Living Bible translation]

1 Corinthians 14:15 What am I to do? I will pray with the spirit and I will pray with the mind also; I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the mind also. [Revised Standard translation]


There are many songs referenced in the Bible. In Exodus 15:1, Moses and the people of Israel sang a song to the LORD, when GOD “made a way out of no way” allowing Moses and the people to cross the Red Sea. After the LORD grants her petition and gave her a son, Samuel, Hannah dedicates the child to the LORD and sang a song of praise to the LORD. She basically sings there is NONE like HIM (See, 1Samuel 2:2). In Judges 5:1, Deborah and Barak sing praises to GOD for their victory over their enemies. These are wonderful examples of praise songs to GOD.

Songs are a way also for members of a congregation to speak to each other and talk to each other about GOD, even as they make music to GOD in their hearts. For example, there are call and response songs like the following: “Certainly, Lawd;” “Everybody Say Amen;” See for example; “Every Praise” is a more modern congregational song. See, There are many, many more songs for congregational worship and praise.

There are some songs that just touch our individual spirits or have special meaning for us individually. Perhaps you remember a song that an elder in your family (e.g., a mother, father, or grandmother) sang or hummed that brought tears to their eyes or caused them to just praise GOD “all by themselves.” Perhaps you recall songs “growing up” in church or children’s songs about GOD you were taught. Perhaps there are certain songs that help you “get through it” when you worry or are afraid. If you love hymns, perhaps this one is on your list: “His Eye Is on The Sparrow.” See, Perhaps “It is Well with My Soul” is a song of comfort for you.

Or if you favor gospel, perhaps these are on your list: “Total Praise” or “For Every Mountain.”

If you have a favorite song that comforts you, send me an email or share it with others.

Exercise With Music

Music with exercise can transform the body and the spirit. For example, dancing (e.g., Zumba) or yoga are two exercises where music is usually incorporated. But music may be able to enhance your exercise program in a number of ways.

According to “Music and exercise: 5 benefits of listening to music when you exercise,” music can:

  • Helps you keep pace-Moving to a beat can help the body be more efficient.

  • Elevate your mood and motivation- People who listen to music are often in a good mood.

  • Music distracts you in a good way- People are less focused on muscle discomfort or other negative feelings of working out.

  • Music makes you exercise harder- An article in the Journal of Sports Exercise Psychology found that motivational music helps exercisers push through fatigue.

  • Music makes you want to move- An article in Brain and Cognition found that “High-groove music,” a musical quality that induces movement in a listener, also excites the area of the brain that makes you want to move.


In the 1990s a Gospel singing group called The Winans wrote: “Everything You Touch Is A Song.” Consider the songs you have heard over the years. Consider the songs that have touched you. What songs will you create? How has GOD touched you? What song can you sing in praise to the LORD? What song of comfort would you like to share with others?

Today, sing a song! Share a song.

Let the Spirit move you and BE BLESSED!

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