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Ministers and Lay Leaders Development Institute (MLDI)

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at 510-565-9683 or email her at

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Minister's and Lay Leader's Development Institute is a response to the various social crises with which congregations are faced in today's ministry context, many of which were unheard of even one or two generations ago. These disordered conditions that disrupt the peace and well-being of individuals, families, and communities require that we incorporate changes in how we engage in ministry to reflect the urgent need to address the swiftly shifting paradigms of need. To that end, the goals and objectives of this program are to provide clergy and lay leaders with a comprehensive curriculum that can prepare them to address the many needs of those living marginally, and to be compelled by our love and empathy for those barely surviving.


Dr. Barbara Jim-George

Executive Pastor Dean, MLDI True Faith Community Baptist Church Antioch, CA

For additional information contact Dr. Barbara Jim-George 

Phone: 925-331-8001 or Email:

More information about classes to be announced

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