Ministries & Programs 

Serving God In Our Community

The True Faith Community Baptist Church serves the City of Antioch, Contra Costa County, the surrounding areas and the global community by providing spiritual and physical support through fellowship, worship gatherings and programs that supplement government-provided social services. Future plans for services provided to the community include but are not limited to:


  1. Food and clothing pantry

  2. HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention and Support Service and Referrals

  3. Substance Abuse Programs

  4. At-Risk-Youth Outreach Programs – Afterschool and summer

These services, outreach, and worship experiences are provided to the community in a location accessible to the community at large and available to every person.



Shaping the church of TODAY!

Since installation, the True Faith Community Baptist Church has provided the young people of the community with all the tools, wisdom, and resources they need to keep them spiritually grounded. Our Children & Youth Programs was established with an aim to offer a place of growth, education, and community service. From praise dance to regular "Meet-Ups", we encourage our children and youth to be involved in their church and their community.



Support those in need.

Join our food and clothing ministry to discover how the work of True Faith Community Baptist Church supports the community. Providing our neighbors in need with the essentials is the goal. Joining a ministry is a perfect opportunity for you to get closer to other members of our congregation, and of course to honor the sacrifices and teachings of the Lord.

Join us every 2nd Saturday!



Image by Kelly Sikkema

Learning to Give Back

At True Faith Community Baptist Church, we offer congregants of all ages a chance to give back by joining our wide range of ministries. Our Spiritual Counseling allows current members or newcomers to be involved with our ongoing mission of spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ to our ever-growing community. Giving back is ingrained into our philosophy and it’s at the root of our very being.




Value of Education

In partnership with the City of Antioch and local organizations, at True Faith Community Baptist Church, we offer various opportunities for training and discussion around prevalent issues that face our community. From the increase in homelessness on our streets to affordable housing and energy sources, we at True Faith want to ensure our members and community are educated and equipped with necessary knowledge and resources.