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To True Faith!

We're Live Every Sunday at 11 am  PST.  Come Worship With us!


Bible Study

Conference Call

Thursdays @ 7pm

Call In: 605 472-5593

Access: 492479

Church Pews

Church Service

Pastor Vickia's Facebook Live

Praying Hands

Prayer Requests

We'd love to pray for you. There is power in prayer! Just send us a prayer request. 

Community Services

Services provided include but are not limited to: A food and clothing pantry, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, and Support Service and Referrals, Substance Abuse Programs, At-Risk-Youth Outreach Programs – Afterschool and summer. These services, outreach, and worship experiences are  provided to the community at large and available to every person.

Missed The Service?

Here's The Replay

Square Stage

Young Adults Sunday -


Old Fashioned Film Camera

True Faith Is Located At 

161a Sand Creek Rd, Brentwood Ca