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True Faith COVID-19 Response #shelterinplace

In consideration of public health concerns related to Coronavirus (Covid-19) all True Faith events and Sunday Services are exclusively online. We have been praying for you and working creatively on ways to keep us together as much as we can during this unique time.  For more information and COVID-19 resources CLICK HERE

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Services provided include but are not limited to: A food and clothing pantry, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, and Support Service and Referrals, Substance Abuse Programs, At-Risk-Youth Outreach Programs – Afterschool and summer. These services, outreach, and worship experiences are  provided to the community at large and available to every person.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, True Faith Community Baptist Church seeks to build discipleship, by being learners of God’s word, sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to all corners of the earth, growing in love and compassion one for another according to the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ found in  Matthew 28:19-20.

Reverend Vickia A. Brinkley

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