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Lent Through African Eyes - Day 18

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Listen to this audio devotional now in the Bible App. Talk to God Continuing our theme of prayer, we turn to Job to learn that we can be real with God when we speak to Him. Do you ever feel you have to couch your prayers in nice words? From an Africa Study Bible proverbs and stories note: We were taught not to express our displeasure to our fathers and elders. We try hard to endure unjust treatment from them without complaint. We may grow up with bitterness, resentment, and anger towards them. On a few occasions, our emotions may burst out and we may confront them. An Igbo proverb translates to say, “It gets to a point where you cover your face and address the king.” Job, a man whose story is recorded in the book of Job, knew that God is sovereign over all of life and has the absolute right to do whatever He pleases. But he could not hide this perceived injustice in his heart any longer. He had to speak out to seek answers from God. We too have many questions when we are bereaved, unjustly accused, or abandoned by our community, but we may find it difficult to bring these questions to God. God is a better Father than our earthly fathers—He is perfect. God loves us and is concerned with our problems. He wants us to express our feelings of anger, frustration, or even failure to Him. Do you feel that God disappointed you or hurt you? Bring your concerns and confusion to God. Be honest with Him, and find comfort that God is listening to your cries. Today: Job teaches us that we can be honest with God about our feelings when we face challenges. Encourage a friend who is going through tough times that it is alright to pray and honestly tell God about his or her disappointment, anger, and pain.


Job 10:1-8

1“I loathe my very life;

therefore I will give free rein to my complaint

and speak out in the bitterness of my soul.

2I say to God: Do not declare me guilty,

but tell me what charges you have against me.

3Does it please you to oppress me,

to spurn the work of your hands,

while you smile on the plans of the wicked?

4Do you have eyes of flesh?

Do you see as a mortal sees?

5Are your days like those of a mortal

or your years like those of a strong man,

6that you must search out my faults

and probe after my sin—

7though you know that I am not guilty

and that no one can rescue me from your hand?

Job 10:18-19

8“Your hands shaped me and made me.

Will, you now turn and destroy me

18“Why then did you bring me out of the womb?

I wish I had died before any eye saw me.

19If only I had never come into being,

or had been carried straight from the womb to the grave!

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