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Lent Through African Eyes - Day 13

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Sin Leads to Addiction Spiritual disciplines during Lent such as fasting help us identify that sin is a power out of our control that holds us captive. With God’s help, we find grace to break free and begin on the journey of recovery. From an Africa Study Bible proverbs and stories note: To sin deliberately or arrogantly is dangerous. A sinful habit easily leads to addiction. People may believe they can stop sinning whenever they want, but many have been snared and fallen. The Kamba people in Kenya say, Kala, kanamanyĩĩte kũsũna kakilsya koona nzele kakekonza, meaning, “The finger used to lick calabash bowls bends involuntarily when it sees one.” Getting ready to lick a calabash bowl when you see one demonstrates the danger of addiction. God is able to deliver addicts, but they must admit they have an addiction and then it can be difficult to make progress. Many people struggle because of something they began doing when they were fully aware that it was sinful. Elders or church leaders warned them or the Holy Spirit convicted them, but they ignored the warning. Let us follow David’s example and pray that God will keep us from deliberate sin, which may become addictive and rule over us. Today: Search online for the classic hymn “Yield not to temptation” written in 1868 by Horatio R. Palmer. Remove any other distractions and sit somewhere comfortable. Read the lyrics and listen to the song with full attention. Let the words encourage you to find strength in Jesus so that you will resist the addictive urge of habitual sin.


Psalms 19:13

13 Keep your servant also from willful sins;

may they not rule over me.

Then I will be blameless,

innocent of great transgression.

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