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Lent Day 8

From The You Version Bible


Satan the Accuser Satan does not relent in Lent. Just as he tempted Jesus while He prayed in the wilderness, he opposes our effort with distractions and destructive thoughts. Are you watching for the Accuser? From an Africa Study Bible learn note titled “Satan the Accuser”: Since the Garden of Eden, many names have been given to the one who opposes God, including Satan (Matthew 16:23) and the accuser of our brothers (Revelation 12:10). Accusation is an inseparable part of Satan’s nature and one of his main methods (Job 1:9-11; 2:4-5; Zechariah 3:1). Day and night, he goes before God accusing Christians (Revelation 12:10). He accuses us of not having done what we should have done and of not having done well what we did. Satan’s accusations come in different forms, such as lies, slurs, and suspicions. One tactic the accuser uses against Christians is to use our weaknesses to make us feel guilty and to subject us to mental torment. The accuser’s ultimate mission is to mentally and spiritually overpower and defeat the children of God. Having accomplished that initial enslavement, all the other enslavements follow naturally. In communities across Africa, some Christians continue to ask their pastors to intercede for them every day in order to be delivered from the curse of death, from demonic attacks, and from the control of evil spirits. This is despite the fact that the Bible declares that our life is hidden with Christ in God (Colossians 3:3) and our sins have already been forgiven through Jesus Christ. Jesus resisted all of Satan’s powerful temptations (Matthew 4:3-10). We must, therefore, resist the evil one (James 4:7), rejecting his lies and focussing on God’s truth. Today: From the beginning of time, Satan has distorted God’s Word to cause fear, shame, and strife. What lies have you believed about God’s love for you? That His love depends on your “goodness”? Have you believed the accusations that anything you have done is beyond God’s grace? Have you repeated or accepted stereotypes about people of another tribe, race, or economic background? Today ask God to help you let go of those “accusations” against God, others, and yourself. Ask the Spirit of truth to expose these lies.

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