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Lent Day 4

You Version Bible


He is Greater Today we reflect on the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry. To minister on earth, Jesus took on an ordinary body that is but dust and ashes. What does it mean to you that the one who is greater than John the Baptist gave up everything to identify with you? From an Africa Study Bible proverbs and stories note: John explained that the baptism of the Spirit that Jesus would bring was much greater than baptism by water. John recognized that Jesus was God’s Son and therefore greater than himself. John was ready to surrender his authority and receive Jesus’ baptism rather than seize the moment to increase his own fame. A Chichewa proverb from Malawi translates to say, “An elder is an elder; a tortoise is never easily crushed by a stone.” A tortoise may not look strong, but it is difficult to kill because of its strong shell. Similarly, an elder may not have the outward appearance of greatness, but inwardly the elder is great. Jesus was fully human with all the challenges and physical weaknesses of other human beings. John knew how great Jesus’ ministry would be from the very beginning. Today: We learn from John the Baptist how to always point people to Jesus. Reflect on what you do for God. In which ways might you make ministry about your own plans and ambitions? What steps will you take to point people to Jesus instead of to yourself?

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